Where every day is a celebration of delicious pastries, freshly baked treats, and cherished birthday cakes.


At House of Bakery, we live for baking. Our passion drives us to create fresh and delightful treats every day. From scrumptious pastries to heavenly cakes, we take pride in bringing smiles to your face with our mouthwatering creations. Welcome to our world of pure indulgence!

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Featured Menu


Iced Latte

“Iced latte at our bakery is the perfect refreshing blend of rich espresso and creamy goodness, an absolute delight on a warm day!” ☕


Mango Latte

The Mango Latte at our bakery is a delightful surprise – the tropical twist on a classic latte was refreshing and simply delicious! 🥭☕️



The Dopio at our bakery is a bold and invigorating espresso shot, delivering a powerful kick of rich flavor that coffee enthusiasts will appreciate! ☕🔥



The Cappuccino at our bakery is a creamy and perfectly balanced coffee delight, topped with a beautiful foam art, making it a must-try for any coffee lover! ☕🎨




Our average customer rating is 4.8 / 5
The bakery in Pokhara is a hidden gem that tantalizes taste buds with its delectable pastries and aromatic bread. The cozy ambiance and friendly staff create a welcoming atmosphere, making it a perfect spot to indulge in delightful treats and unwind after exploring the city. A must-visit for anyone seeking a delightful culinary experience in this charming Nepalese town.
Ujjwal Thapa
The bakery in Pokhara exceeded all my expectations - delicious treats and a warm atmosphere make it a must-visit spot in town! 🍰🌟
Ashwin Giri

Our Services

  • Freshly baked bread and pastries.
  • Custom cakes for all occasions.
  • Special desserts and treats.
  • Bulk order supply and delivery for any parties and occasions.

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